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Hysteroscopy Pump

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Hystero Irrigation Pump

Hystero Irrigation Pump
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Product Details:
Automation GradeManual
Usage/ApplicationHysteroscopy Laparoscopy Urology
Flow RateMaximum 1 liter per minute
PressureMaximum 400mmHg

Hysteroscopy Irrigation Pump Hysteromat

A Hystero Irrigation Pump is a medical device used in hysteroscopic procedures to deliver fluid (typically saline solution) into the uterine cavity for irrigation and visualization. Here's an overview of its features and functions:

  1. Purpose: Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves examining the inside of the uterus using a hysteroscope, a thin, lighted tube with a camera attached. During hysteroscopy, fluid is needed to distend the uterine cavity, allowing for better visualization of the uterine walls and any abnormalities present. The irrigation pump delivers this fluid into the uterus.

  2. Fluid Delivery: The hystero irrigation pump is designed to deliver a controlled flow of sterile saline solution into the uterine cavity during hysteroscopic procedures. The pump maintains a consistent flow rate and pressure, ensuring optimal distention of the uterine cavity for clear visualization.

  3. Pressure Control: The pump may feature adjustable pressure settings to allow the surgeon to control the intrauterine pressure during the procedure. Maintaining appropriate pressure helps minimize the risk of uterine perforation and discomfort for the patient.

  4. Flow Rate: The pump provides a continuous flow of fluid at a predetermined rate, ensuring consistent irrigation throughout the procedure. The flow rate may be adjustable to accommodate different surgical preferences and patient needs.

  5. Compatibility: Hystero irrigation pumps are compatible with various hysteroscopes and surgical instruments used in hysteroscopy. They are typically equipped with connectors or adapters to facilitate easy integration into the surgical setup.

  6. User Interface: The pump features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls for adjusting flow rate, pressure settings, and other parameters as needed. The interface may include a digital display panel and ergonomic buttons for easy operation by surgical staff.

  7. Safety Features: Hystero irrigation pumps may incorporate safety features such as alarms for high or low pressure, air detection sensors to prevent air embolism, and automatic shut-off mechanisms in case of system errors or malfunction.

  8. Sterilization: The pump is designed for easy cleaning and disinfection to maintain a sterile surgical environment. Components that come into contact with the saline solution are typically autoclavable or compatible with other sterilization methods recommended for medical devices.

Overall, the hystero irrigation pump plays a critical role in hysteroscopic procedures by providing controlled irrigation of the uterine cavity, ensuring clear visualization and optimal conditions for surgical intervention. Its advanced features, compatibility, and safety mechanisms contribute to the success and safety of hysteroscopic surgery.

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